Маркин Ю.В.


  • Практика более 40 лет терапевтом,

  • фтизиатром, военный вирусологом,

  • бактериологом  эндокринологом.

  • Рефлексотерапевт и гомотоксиколог.

  • Исследовательская деятельность в медицинской сфере в области программированных медицинских устройств

  • Разработка инновационных препаратов различных фармакологических групп,  у которых применена технология многократного последовательного уменьшения концентрации исходного вещества.

  • Компьютерно - аппаратные исследования вегетативной нервной системы в сочетании с эндокринной системой... 

Уникальные методики диагностики и терапии 

   My medical practice is more than 40 years.  Practiced phthisiology, bacteriology, virology, therapy, military medicine, reflexology, osteopathy and kinesiology.

Over the years among the patients who sought help were infertile couples, diabetics, patients with severe metabolic disorders and spinal diseases. Can't list everything. More than 24,000 of them received treatment with good effect.

I was studying inflammation and pain, the role of microcirculation and innervation in various tissues since 1979 in the clinic of therapy and advanced training of doctors and then as a military doctor in the laboratory of the Military Medical Academy in Leningrad.

I had served as an endocrinologist at the Main military clinical hospital in Moscow and then during work as a reflexologist in different cities I studied the problem of pain and inflammation, non-surgical and non-drug methods of pain therapy.

For more than 25 years I conducted researches at the “Institute of radiophysiological research” and "Biophysical medicine" in Moscow, at the “German Academy of acupuncture and auriculopuncture” and “Anatomical theater of Munich”. I determined the meridians of acupuncture with radioactive technetium 99m in the laboratory of biomedical research at “Hospital Necker - Enfants maladies” in Paris.

I'm constantly learning. Here can be found a list of educational institutions in Russia and abroad where I studied and improved my skills up to the present time. Now I am a reflexologist and osteopath, a specialist in rehabilitation therapy for neuroorthopedic pathology, homotoxicology, endocrinology, psychoneuroendocrinoimmunology, neuroimmunogenetics and nutrigenetics.

I don't heal on the phone, on the Internet, or on TV. I need to see you, hear you and examine You. In this way I can use my knowledge and experience to understand how to treat You.

I'm not a public figure and I don't ask my patients to advertise my work. If you have health problems-come to free consultations to understand whether you will be treated by me or not.

I'm interested in any patient. My own clinical experience shows that the basis for the optimal choice of therapy are: listening and understanding the patient; taking into account their preferences, experiences and physiological characteristics of the body.

Accurate diagnosis and treatment success require a thorough review of the medical history, physical examination and if necessary analysis of data obtained using hardware diagnostic methods.

Computer bioelectronic functional diagnostics is the simplest but nevertheless informative and important method for diagnosing diseases of the spine, bones and joints as well as the state of immunity and the presence of stress syndrome. By performing diagnostic, I determine the degree of influence of pathological changes in bone tissue on your pain. This allows to choose an adequate and effective treatment. Quite often, after examination, it turns out that the pain syndrome is associated with a pathology of the spine or joints.

Pain is a signal. And the goal is to cure exactly the disorder in the body that causes pain but not to remove the signal. My approach is not standard pain management but rather to address the root of the problem of pain and inflammation.

Treatment of pain and inflammation with your own stem cells

The stem cell is the ancestor of all cells in the body. All tissues and organs are developed from these cells. This is a unique cell capable of active reproduction and self-maintenance (reproduction of itself), as well as giving rise to all types of cells in the body.

Mesenchymal stem cells are the body's repair team that tracks where a breakdown is in the body and is immediately sent to repair the damage. Stem cells are able to self-renew, forming new stem cells, differentiate into specialized cells - turn into cells of various organs and tissues.

Please note that the clinic "Eurasia" does not use embryonic stem cells and abortive material (fetal cells) which are prohibited for use by the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation!

Contraindications for treatment with cellular technologies: cancer, HIV infection, pregnancy.

About the method

Intraosseous therapy (osteoautohemomyelopharmatotherapy) is a highly effective way to treat pain and related sensory, motor, spastic, vascular and other disorders. Procedure with using of autologous bone marrow stem cells stimulates the restoration of damaged bone tissue and surrounding bone muscles, ligaments, cartilage and intervertebral discs. The reparative regeneration and metabolic activity of bone tissue are enhanced, i.e. the spine is "rejuvenated" by introducing its own mesenchymal stem cells into the spongy substance of the bone.

Intraosseous therapy (ICT) is a continuation of the method of intraosseous blockages developed by Russian scientists since the 50s of the 20th century. The founders of the method of intraosseous blockades are Shulyak G. M., Akilova A. T. Later intraosseous blockades were studied by Protasov V. Ya., 1970; A. R. Varfolomeev, 1971; V. A. Polyakov, 1990; G. A. Yankovsky, 1982, E. L. Sokov, 1983, 1994, 1995, 2001, 2007, 2013, 2015. Since then, the mechanisms of therapeutic action of intraosseous blockades have been revealed, their safety and high effectiveness have been proven.

A significant role in the development and implementation of the method of intraosseous blockages was played by the works of Prof.

Sokov E. L. He revealed the mechanisms of therapeutic action of intraosseous blockades that were set out in the "Osteogenic theory of neuroorthopedic diseases". They  developed and implemented an effective method of intraosseous blockades. In 2008, Roszdravnadzor approved the use of a new medical technology - intraosseous blockades.

This therapeutic technique is used to treat a wide variety of pain syndromes:

  • - Chronic pain of the lumbar, thoracic and cervical spine
  • - Pain with herniated discs.
  • - Residual pain after surgery to remove herniated discs
  • - Headache and facial pain
  • - Pain in the joints of the hands and feet
  • - Post-traumatic pain
  • - Pain in the lower legs in diabetes (diabetic neuropathy), heels and feet
  • - Phantom pain after limb amputation
  • - Pain syndrome in multiple sclerosis
  • - Pain and spasticity after a stroke
  • - Pain syndrome in Parkinson's disease
  • - Pelvic pain in women, infertility
  • - Pain after infections

In addition, stem cells trigger regeneration mechanisms. They carry information about how organs should ideally work. And getting into the affected areas, for example in the heart or pancreas, they establish their function

View indications for the use of stem cells >>>

Stage of treatment:

  1. free consultation for 5-10 minutes on the phone
  2. further consultation in the clinic:

The cost of treatment is determined after a detailed review of the patient's medical documents.

Basic course of revitalization or cell therapy for patients:

After deciding to use their own mesenchymal stem cells (after reviewing the extract from the patient's medical history, expert opinions on the results of examinations and tests) the patient is provided with an expert forecast of how much cell therapy can help in the treatment of the disease and what results should be expected after completing the course of procedures.

You can read more about the method here.

Features of intraosseous therapy:

  • - Reduces pain from the first procedure.
  • - Optimal balance between cost and effectiveness of treatment,
  • - Provides excellent therapeutic effect (over 70% of positive results).
  • - The duration of treatment is several times shorter than with other methods.
  • - Low probability of relapse.


50% of patients feel a decrease in pain right during therapy, i.e. immediately after the manipulation.

30% of patients note a decrease in pain the next day.

For 5% of patients acupuncture is ineffective. The energy meridians are disrupted by scars and scars, as if "electric wires are cut". This requires a more long-term therapy.

The main possibilities of treatment with stem cells:

  • -Treatment of complex (considered incurable) diseases. Sometimes this method is the only one possible.
  • -The overall effect of rejuvenation (the return of lost functions to the organs) while renewal takes place at the cellular level without gross interference with the body's vital system.
  • -Visible cosmetic effect.
  • -Improving the quality of life.
  • -Diseases in which this method is a direct indication:
  • -Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, resistant juvenile arthritis, collagenosis, post-traumatic injuries, diabetes, etc.


  • - Organism ageing
  • - Cerebral palsy
  • - Menopause syndrome in men and women
  • - Premature aging
  • - Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • - Depression


  • - Insulin-independent form
  • - Insulin-dependent form
  • - Labile form
  • - Diabetic neuropathy

Liver disease:

  • -Chronic hepatitis
  • -Cirrhosis
  • Kidney diseases:
  • - Chronic kidney failure

Nervous system disease:

  • - Muscular dystrophy
  • - Multiple sclerosis
  • - Nerve damage (complications after surgery)
  • - Senile dementia
  • - Insomnia

Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract:

  • - Ulcerative colitis
  • - Crohn disease

Diseases of connective tissue and musculoskeletal system:

  • - Rheumatoid arthritis
  • - Systemic lupus erythematosus
  • - Deforming arthritis
  • - Mono and polyarthritis
  • - Post-traumatic bone injuries
  • - 3-4 degree burns

Diseases associated with decreased sexual function:

  • - Erectile dysfunction
  • - Degenerative changes in the urogenital system

Stem cells update the cellular composition of tissues and organs of the body, improving the quality of life, giving a person strength and energy.

Yes, a complete cure is not always possible. But cell therapy will definitely help You! Stem cells are safe and effective!